Women’s History Month

Image of five women dancing and wearing banana skirts
Faith Ringgold, American Collection #4: Jo Baker’s Bananas, 1997; Purchased with funds donated by the Estate of Barbara Bingham Moore, Olga V. Hargis Family Trusts and the Members Acquisition Fund. Photograph courtesy of the artist; © 1997 Faith Ringgold

Celebrate Women’s History Month with us!

The museum’s mission year-round is to address gender imbalance in the art world, but every March—Women’s History Month—NMWA has an opportunity to catch the attention of a wider audience to celebrate women artists. Stay tuned for Women’s History Month 2018!

Highlights from Women’s History Month 2017


The second year of NMWA’s popular social media campaign #5WomenArtists was a great success—the American Alliance of Museums gave it a Gold award in Digital Communities at the annual Media & Technology MUSE Awards!  Thanks to all those who took the challenge. Some highlights:

11,000 individuals and 520 organizations from 30 countries and all seven continents participated!

See some of the best posts from International Women’s Day and the last week of the campaign.

Nearly 500 people took the Buzzfeed quiz, “Which of these 5 Women Artists are You? (Part Two)

Participants used this #5WomenArtists set of shareable infographics about women in the arts. Download a set via the link.

We also hit the streets to ask, “Can you name five women artists?” Watch the results! 


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