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Learn about the impact of #5WomenArtists! 

#5WomenArtists has been a viral success! The campaign has elevated the profile of NMWA as a world leader in advancing gender equity in the arts, resulting in valuable partnerships and an expanded audience. The museum’s social media following has cumulatively increased over 200%,  and #5WomenArtists has resulted in tangible, real world impacts for artists and arts organizations.

By the Numbers 2016–2019

U.S. States54
Instagram Posts30,000
Media mentions183


For museums & galleries:
The campaign has inspired museums around the world to create their own programming like #5WomenArtists installations or special tours highlighting work by women artists on view. Other organizations have been motivated to conduct internal audits to reveal the gaps in gender representation in their collections.

For schools & libraries:
Teachers have created their own lessons plans about #5WomenArtists and libraries have created special displays for students to learn and take the challenge.

For artists & art fans:
Many individual participants express shock at how surprisingly difficult the challenge is, and how excited they are that the campaign helps them learn about women artists they weren’t familiar with. Working artists have used the campaign as a way to build community around the shared experience of building an art career as a woman.


The #5WomenArtists campaign has won a Gold MUSE Award from the American Alliance of Museums and a Silver Award from the W3 Awards.

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