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Annual Report 2020

Close-up view of ornate gold and crystal chandeliers in the museum's Great Hall. The camera is focused on the chandelier in the foreground and the rest is out of focus.

What’s Inside

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Thank you for telling the story of how women are fighting for equality, as we always have been, especially in art.”
visitor comment
Two medium-skinned women stand in front of hanging sculpture made of folded aluminum, copper, and bronze. They are looking at an artwork that is not in view.
Photo credit: Kevin Allen

FY20 Fun Facts

  • Live Dangerously and Judy Chicago: The End were the third-most-visited exhibitions in NMWA history. Nearly 6,000 of the visitors to those exhibitions came on free Community Days.
  • In 2020, NMWA acquired 161 photos by renowned documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark, donated by members of the Photography Buyers Syndicate.
  • During the fiscal year, there were 1,324,721 visitors to nmwa.org.
  • In June 2020, more than 350 people attended five virtual studio tours with artists featured in Paper Routes—Women to Watch 2020 artists.