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Friederun Friederichs

Born in 1944

Nature, travel, and literature—particularly fairy tales—further nourish her imagination and sensibility.

Initially, Friederichs studied history, earning a PhD and publishing on the history of municipal law. It was her work with a wide array of historic book artifacts that sparked her interest in artists’ books.

In 1988, she turned to painting and printmaking full time, and in 2001, she began creating artist’s books. Her books are made from conventional and unusual materials, such as paper, glass, metal, and wood. Friederichs currently lives and works in Germany and in Northern Italy.

Artist Details

  • Name

    Friederun Friederichs
  • Birth

    Germany, 1944

Works by Friederun Friederichs


The thoughts of Friederun Freiderichs’s Ulysses radiate out of his brain as curly, lettered pages. These “text hairs” evoke the curly hair of the Greek hero, as well as twisted thoughts of author James Joyce’s interior world as it bursts into reality.

Neurological research has revealed that our ability to think and imagine is linked to language. “Therefore,” maintains Friederichs, “literature unfolds...

Papier-mâché head covered in clippings of pages from James Joyce's novel Ulysses. In varying shades of green, the head includes curly, lettered strips for hair and wide and classic-Greek-style eyes under arched eyebrows.