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A Letter From Susan Fisher Sterling

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The phrase “What if Women Ruled the World” is sculpted with neon tubes of bright yellow, in all capital letters. The letters of “WOMEN” are larger than the rest and are configured vertically. The phrase “What if Women Ruled the World” is sculpted with neon tubes of bright yellow, in all capital letters. The letters of “WOMEN” are larger than the rest and are configured vertically.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a way to fix the world right now. The museum is now nearly two weeks into an unprecedented closure—public health requires that museums, along with performance halls, movie theaters, and sports arenas join together to close our doors and slow the spread of coronavirus. During this unsettling period of isolation, though, we need to connect with one another more than ever, and I believe that the arts can provide that bridge.

In that spirit, I wanted to reach out to say that NMWA is here for you. We hope that in the days ahead, the museum and its art will become welcome resources as we face the impact of this coronavirus.

We realize that art is best experienced in person—it offers powerful ways for us to visualize our shared humanity, and museums have often served as places of refuge and solace. It is truly unprecedented and paradoxical that now, when we need it most, we are unable to physically come together to experience all that great art has to offer. Thank goodness so many of us have the capacity to share digitally…and share we shall!

Although NMWA is temporarily closed, we stand with our communities—both here and around the world. We are available online with artists, objects, and stories to lift the spirit, inspire the soul, and champion women artists.

Our new resource NMWA@Home is now up on our website, so please visit us. We are open online 24/7 with rich content that shares our collection and programming with audiences whenever and wherever they are ready to engage with us. NMWA’s staff is working to enhance our online offerings for children, students, families, and adults. We look forward to sharing new materials with you regularly in the coming days and weeks.

We value your participation and appreciate your comments and opinions, so please continue to share with us on social media. Connection is more important than ever.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and sending heartfelt wishes for your well-being.

Susan Fisher Sterling
The Alice West Director

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