Urgent Museum Notice

Elizabeth Stafford Hutchinson Endowed Internship

Large vertical painting in minimalist style features thinned pigments poured in transluscent layers onto the unsized canvas. The abstract composition is dominated by a central ambiguous form in vibrant yellow-orange and peach, flanked by amorphous swaths of pale pink and a dark gray.
The Elizabeth Stafford Hutchinson Endowed Internship is offered once each summer. Priority is given to applicants with ties to Texas.

This 40-hour per week, 12-week internship pays a $1,650 stipend to help defray the cost of living in Washington, D.C. The internship was established by the museum’s Texas State Committee in April 2010 to honor committee founder Elizabeth Hutchinson, Vice-President Emerita and longtime member of the museum’s Board of Trustees.

First consideration for the Hutchinson Internship will be given to a qualified student either from Texas or currently attending a Texas college or university. If no eligible candidate from/living in Texas applies, the award will be granted to another qualified candidate regardless of state ties.


Candidates must:

  • Be interested in pursuing museum careers 
  • Have completed their sophomore year of undergraduate study, be a graduate student, or have recently graduated 
  • Have at least a 3.25 cumulative grade point average


Summer Term (June–August): March 15

How to Apply

  • Review the open internship position descriptions
  • Review Internship Application Procedures and Internship FAQs
  • Apply for up to three internships per term using our Summer Application form
  • On each application, specify that you would like to apply for the Hutchinson internship by:
    • Selecting “Elizabeth Stafford Hutchinson Endowed Internship” on the form
    • Referencing the Elizabeth Stafford Hutchinson Endowed Internship in your uploaded cover letter
    • Discussing your interest in pursuing a museum career in your cover letter

Applications received in other ways will not be considered.