National & International Committees

Elizabeth Frink, New Bird II, 1965
Elizabeth Frink, New Bird II, 1965; Gift of UK Friends of the National Museum of Women in the Arts; Photography by Laura Hoffman

NMWA’s national and international committees bring the museum’s message to a worldwide audience.

Located in states and major cities around the globe, these affiliate groups raise the museum’s profile and do grassroots advocacy on behalf of women artists in their regions. They plan local programs that highlight NMWA’s mission, collection, exhibitions, and activities. Committee members work with NMWA staff to increase membership and donate works of art, and they fund exhibitions, education programs, and object conservation.

Examples of committee projects include:

  • The New Mexico State Committee facilitated a connection between NMWA’s education department and the Albuquerque school district in order to pilot the ABC and Teachers Connect grant programs there.
  • The Mississippi, Southern California, Greater Kansas City Area, and Massachusetts committees lead major membership drives for the museum each year.
  • UK Friends of NMWA, organized a discussion with British artist Rose Wylie and fashion designer Savannah Miller in London.
  • The Texas State Committee endowed a NMWA internship, in honor of long-time board member and Texas Committee founder, Elizabeth Stafford Hutchinson.

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Active National and International Committees



Women’s Committee

Since the museum’s founding in 1987, the Women’s Committee serves the Washington, D.C. metro area. It plays a vital role regionally by supporting NMWA’s exhibitions and education programs through fundraising and special projects. The members also convene for events and activities, such as museum tours and artist talks.

For more information or to join the Women’s Committee, please contact the Women’s Committee Liaison at

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