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Kirsten Justesen

Close-up black-and-white studio portrait of a light-skinned adult woman in profile. Her hair is pulled back and she wears a crown of icicles. Small streams of liquid run down her face and neck.

Photo courtesy of the artist

Born in 1943

She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1975 with a degree in classical sculpture yet always pushed beyond the conventional idea of sculpture as a static and permanent form. She notes, “You have the body, the icon of sculpture in all its long tradition on the plinth. I started exploring the space around, formulating dimensional pieces that are not only the sculpture/body but the actions, positions, and decisions that you can play with.”

In her performances (and the photographs she makes to record them), Justesen does not appear as the passive model historically depicted by male artists. Rather, she dances, paints, runs a vacuum cleaner, moves slabs of ice, and climbs through rugged landscapes.

Justesen often incorporates ice as an artistic element, as it is an apt metaphor for the processes and changes to which the body is subject. More recent works, including Portræt I Arkiv Med Samling (2013), also in NMWA’s collection, investigate relationships between the body, space, and language. In addition to sculpture and performances, Justesen’s artistic production includes photography, video, and scenography.

Artist Details

  • Name

    Kirsten Justesen
  • Birth

    Odense, Denmark, 1943
  • Phonetic Spelling

    KER-sten YOO-steh-sen

Works by Kirsten Justesen

Lunch for a Landscape

Lunch for a Landscape encapsulates Kirsten Justesen’s interest in Body art with a feminist focus. After graduating from art school in 1975, she was a young mother whose studio was “between the kitchen and the nursery.” She began using her own body to make art, creating drawings, photographs, and plaster casts of it.

This photograph is part of a series of...

A photograph shows the nude artist sitting in a metal grocery cart. It is located on a paved road in a flat, empty landscape under a gray, misty sky. Her back to the viewer, the light-skinned, brunette woman holds her raised arms in a wide V-shape, suggesting joy or abandon.

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