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Summer 2020 Magazine

Side-by-side composition of multiple magazine covers published by the museum. All covers have a featured image followed by the text, 'Women in the Arts.'

What’s Inside

The summer 2020 issue of Women in the Arts features:

  • Conservation research on paintings by Alma Woodsey Thomas
  • Archival materials on scholar Linda Nochlin
  • Digital achievements including the recent #5WomenArtists social media campaign and new website
  • A sculpture by Joana Vasconcelos new to the museum’s collection

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Related Posts

  • New Acquisition Spotlight: Rubra

    Posted: Jul 15, 2020 in From the Curator
    Joana Vasconcelos’s Rubra, a nearly six-foot-tall glass and textile chandelier, is an exciting new addition to NMWA’s collection through a gift from museum patron Christine Suppes.
    A color image of a detail of a chandelier made of red, orange, and yellow Murano glass, wool yarn, polyester fabrics, and LED lighting.
    Blog Category:  From the Curator
  • Announcing the New nmwa.org

    Posted: Jun 18, 2020 in News and Updates
    An eleven-month project in collaboration with the creative agency Purple Rock Scissors, the new website features simplified, intuitive navigation and a contemporary design that places the museum’s art, artists, and advocacy at center stage.
    Wide angle view showing a full gallery. The floor is a dark gray carpet and there are two columns, through which large scale works in vibrant colors are visible.
    Blog Category:  News and Updates
  • Linda Nochlin: The Maverick She

    Posted: Jun 08, 2020 in Library and Research Center
    Much of the way historians study art today can be traced to the contributions of Linda Nochlin, a scholar, critic, and curator who, beginning in the 1960s, tore through traditional ways of seeing and understanding art.
    Blog Category:  Library and Research Center