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When you donate, you join the dedicated circle of friends—individuals, corporations, foundations, and government organizations—who have built and continue to support NMWA.

Your gift makes the museum stronger and its message more powerful, helping to expand the collection with works by foremost women artists, organize trailblazing exhibitions, create vital educational programs, develop national and international initiatives, keep the lights on, and ensure salaries are paid.

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Explore the many ways to give to the museum. NMWA donors enjoy benefits and prominent recognition for their generosity.
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Corporate Giving

Check out how companies of all types are becoming sponsors.
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Contribute to the museum’s future with a special, long-term gift.
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Learn about the generous support the museum has received from foundations and governmental agencies.
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Gifts of Art

Do you have art you want to give to the museum? Find out how in the Art Donation Guidelines!
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