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Curriculum & Resources

Photo credit: Kevin Allen
Our free curriculum, exhibition resource guides, and See for Yourself cards support arts learning in the classroom and highlight the artistic contributions of women past and present.
Photo credit: Deborah Gaston, NMWA

Exhibition and Collection Educator Guides

Our educator guides below are rich resources created to complement the museum’s special exhibitions and collection.

Adaptable for Pre-K–12 classrooms, these guides include biographical information about artists and artworks, digital images, discussion questions, suggested classroom activities, and related standards of learning.

Arts and Humanities for Every Student

Educators at NMWA collaborate with the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative (DC Collaborative) to offer Arts and Humanities for Every Student (AHFES) learning opportunities for 3rd through 5th grade students attending Washington, D.C., public and public charter schools.

Since 2015, AHFES experiences at NMWA have introduced more than 2,500 Washington, D.C. students to NMWA’s mission and artwork through Harvard Project Zero Thinking Routines.

NMWA’s asynchronous and synchronous AHFES offerings encourage students to look closely at developmentally appropriate artworks, contribute respectfully to open-ended discussions, pose questions, share their opinions, make connections between visual art and their world, and create original works of art.

Asynchronous resources support teachers who wish to facilitate a museum-inspired experience on their own. They include virtual art galleries filled with a range of artworks relevant to each theme; close looking activities modeled after DCPS’s “Close Study: Close Viewing” guides; and art making lessons and videos that encourage the exploration of techniques and satisfy final product assignments of each curriculum unit.

These asynchronous resources also act as pre- and post-lessons for teachers who schedule a synchronous session with NMWA’s educators.

During synchronous sessions with the museum, students will practice “See, Think, Wonder,” along with other Harvard Project Zero Thinking Routines.

Currently NMWA offers three thematic AHFES experiences—Art & Advocacy, Make a Wish, and Powerful Beyond Measure—which are inspired by in units in DC Public School’s (DCPS) Framework for Art Learning.

Check out the asynchronous resources here. To schedule a virtual synchronous session, visit the DC Collaborative’s AHFES program catalogue.

Virtual Art Galleries

Story Time with Women in the Arts

Enjoy special NMWA@Home videos—created and curated by NMWA staff to help you stay entertained and safe while you #StayatHome. Story Time with Women in the Arts features books for kids authored or illustrated by women.